We create our own successful systems

We have been developing software since 2015 . The innovative  DecisionRules system for the definition, management and execution of business  rules and Rubiq.One for the management and digitalisation of the product  portfolio.


We have realized that finding an easy to use, easy to integrate, easy to scale and affordable Business Rules Engine is difficult. So we wrote one ourselves.

Try out DecisionRules. A system that makes it easy to define, compile and execute business rules in a matter of minutes. Think about whether your current solution is optimal in terms of price and functionality!


RUBiQ is a robust product portfolio management software for retail banks. A system in which financial institutions define their business products, set trading conditions and prices. They manage the offer of their products to customers, i.e. they set the business rules for specific products and manage a range of other activities.

If you have reached the point where you are considering integrating a product catalogue within your institution, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to discuss your needs with you and suggest a meaningful path for a solution.

Creating interesting products for customers all over the world is something we enjoy and gives us a long-term sense of purpose. I am very pleased to see that eppTec products are well understood by our customers. I have the opportunity to see this almost every day, in popular DEMO sessions or during the implementation of specific PoCs.

Our agile product team includes everything we need, excellent technology and sales and marketing professionals. We are thus able to effectively reach a wide range of customers from smaller companies to large corporations. Our "early adopters" willingly tune the product to their specific needs based on immediate feedback and rapid development. One thing our products have in common is a great team that is a pleasure to work with.

Petr Lev

Lead consultant & co-founder

We are a reliable partner of the leading financial institutions on the Czech market.

We founded eppTec in 2015 as a technology startup with the ambition to become a respected software company bringing innovation and advanced technology to solve real-life challenges. Our consultants working on dozens of interesting assignments and the two proprietary software products we have implemented over the last 6 years are proof that we take our mission seriously.

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