Product catalogue design and implementation

Project objective

Speeding up the process of introducing new products to the  customer, centralizing product information in one place, simplifying product  configuration and unifying a large product portfolio.


Sberbank CZ is a fully developed, self-financed and profitable  bank with a strong focus on retail, small, medium and large corporate  clients. It operates 25 branches in the Czech Republic and has over 120,000  satisfied clients. It has been operating on the Czech market since 1993  (since 1997 as an independent joint stock company and since February 2013  under the Sberbank brand).

   It is part of the Sberbank Europe banking group, which is 100% owned by  Sberbank Russia, Russia's largest bank. Sberbank Group is one of the largest  and fastest growing banking groups in the world, serving more than 102  million customers in over 20 countries worldwide.

As part of the design, we worked as consultants with Sberbank's  in-house architect. We solved both the catalogue model and the design of its  integration into the bank's IT infrastructure. We have adapted our experience  from the implementation of several other catalogues to Sberbank CZ.

Specific problems we have solved

High fragmentation of Sberbank's product portfolio.

Sberbank's transition to the new B/E. Ensuring backward  compatibility with the old B/E..

Operational design with a small team within the bank's  capabilities.

Involvement of the project in the ongoing development of a  multi-channel platform.

I always try to get to know the working environment in a short  while. Then, after a few meetings, when I get to know the people I work FOR  and WITH, it is not difficult for me to deliver what they expect.

Ondřej Mach

Senior Analyst

Product catalogue implementation in a nutshell

The project implementation included the following steps:


Implementation of the product catalogue in Microsoft SQL Server.


Portfolio analysis of deposit products.


Product catalogue initial data load.


Design and implementation of business rules that control the  integrity of data fed into the catalogue.


Introduction of new products to the catalogue.


Design of related components, changes in catalogue architecture  and possibilities for further development.

I worked with epptec, represented by Ondra Mach, for a total of  2 years on a small agile team on a project involving the design and  implementation of a product catalogue at Sberbank. It was a very complex  breakthrough solution affecting the whole bank.

   Ondra was always very professional. I respect him as an experienced person  with impeccable technical and professional knowledge. His dealings were  always very empathetic so that he could understand and develop business  solutions in the right direction. This unique combination of skills allows  him to bridge the technical world with the business world, and then deliver  tailored solutions. Moreover, they do so with precision, ease and adherence  to deadlines. Ondra is one of the best consultants I have come across in my  professional career. I can wholeheartedly recommend Ondra to anyone  considering working with him. In addition to seamless delivery of the  services you require, you can also learn a lot from him.

Tereza Kodejšová

Business Analyst, Sberbank CZ

The design and implementation phases took approximately 16  months. During this time, the product catalogue was made operational,  populated with data and integrated into the bank's infrastructure..

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