Migration and upgrade of the capital adequacy tool

Project objective

Upgrade of the capital adequacy tool and COREP reporting and  integration of Wuestenrot Mortgage Bank and Wuestenrot Building Savings Bank  into the tool.

MONETA Money Bank, a. s.

MONETA Money Bank, a. s. is one of the leading banks on the  Czech banking market and a pioneer in the digitalization of financial  products. It has a strong position on the market of credit products for Czech  households, and a growing position in the area of loans for tradesmen, small  and medium-sized enterprises. It offers its clients cutting-edge digital  services/solutions, while providing them with the convenience and facilities  of branches in the regions where they live.

MONETA uses Moody's tools to calculate capital adequacy both for  internal purposes and for regulatory COREP reporting. Because the version of  this tool originally used, Risk Authority, was heavily customized and  outdated, and Moody's offers the latest generation of the product as SaaS  under the name Banking Cloud. It was decided that as part of the integration  of Wuestenrot into the Moneta Group, migration between the two instruments  would also take place.

I always remain calm and carefully analyze the whole project. At  the beginning, we didn't realise what we were going to be facing. Responding  to so many changes during the project was a challenge, but we did it!

Karel Švec

Senior Analyst

Solution components

There were several levels to be addressed in the project:


Extending the internal datamart to meet Banking Cloud's data  requirements for input data, and to be able to consume output data.


Connecting the MMB infrastructure to the Banking Cloud,  including resolving user authentication for access via the web application  and integrating a tool for batch data transfer between MMB and the Banking  Cloud.


Cooperation with Moody's to set up the Banking Cloud computing  environment and parameters such as algorithms to meet MMB's portfolio  structure, CNB reporting requirements and capital adequacy optimisation  requirements.


Validation of COREP reports that were output from the Banking  Cloud and their upload to the reporting tool used by the MMB for reporting to  the CNB.


Expansion of the data base to include Wuestenrot data, resolving inconsistencies between the original Wuestenrot reporting tool and Banking Cloud.

Epptec consultants provided

Coordination of activities on the MMB side, including  coordination with the parallel activity of migration of Wuestenrot data to  MMB data warehouses.

Communication between internal application developers (datamart,  data hub), business owners (capital adequacy department) and Moody'  consultants.

Analysis, specification and documentation for each part of the  solution.

Creation and execution of part of the test scenarios.

The project took almost 10 months and the biggest challenge  turned out to be the customization and development of Banking Cloud on  Moody's side, as the tool was far from being ready for the requirements of  the Czech regulation, and during the course of the project the requirements  for the data sent as well as its outputs changed during the monthly releases  of Banking Cloud.

We greatly appreciate the cooperation with epptec on the project  of migration of the existing locally installed solution for calculation of  risk-weighted assets and related COREP reporting to the cloud environment.  Their experienced staff have been a valuable asset in the implementation,  testing and organisation of this project.

Ctibor Šedivý

Capital Adequacy Manager

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